3 Steps To Faux Calligraphy

Love the thought of creating beautiful lettering but don't know where to start?

Course Summary

Want to get started with creating beautiful looking lettering and calligraphy but have no idea what tools you need and don't understand the basics - I've got you covered in this quick guide to faux calligraphy. I'll show you how to create the look of calligraphy lettering with tools you already have at home.

Course Curriculum

Calligraphy has helped ease my overthinking mind and feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

I’ve always been drawn to creativity and craft - but as life got busy it became easy to make excuses not to do the things I loved.  

Lack of time, energy and feeling like I should be putting everyone else first stopped me from making time for myself.  

I realised that I needed an escape - just for myself - from the everyday noise and my overthinking, often anxious mind.  

I get how easy it is to come up with all the excuses; I don’t have time, I’m not arty enough, creativity is frivolous, I won’t be any good at it, what’s the point…  But I’ve realised that carving out time to get creative is the best thing I can do for me and everyone around me.  

It allows me to slow down, step out of my overthinking mind, be present and put myself and my wellbeing first.

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