Hi - I'm Sally!

I have always loved putting pen to paper; I still hang on tightly to my paper diary, love nothing more than writing a to-do list & get excited by new stationery - it's no wonder that after dabbling with calligraphy as a child I came back to it as an adult & am delighted to say I get to call it my job.

Being creative makes me happy and for me, calligraphy is a form of self-care. I especially love all things lettering; not just the putting pen/brush/nib to paper but the calmness that follows, carving out time just for myself, finding joy & appreciating the process of learning & being creative.

It did, however, take me a while to realise just how much I relied on being creative as a form of self-care. I found myself always coming back to creativity to help me cope with difficult situations, to help ease my overthinking mind and be present in the moment.  Carving out regular time for myself to be creative calms me, sooths my soul as well as developing an art I love.  

After realising how much my own wellbeing has been improved through mindful creativity and my own calligraphy & lettering practice, I am passionate about showing others how they too can find calm by exploring their creativity and mindfulness.

I’d love for you to join me and start your calligraphy journey to find your own peace and mindfulness in a practice just for you. It’s great to have you here, Sally x